Detox Bath

If you are anything like me you love a good soak in the tub. The healing benefits of a bath are truly rewarding and your body will be thanking you for the ritual. As well as aiding your mental clarity, a bath will help to ease muscle aches and pains, decrease inflammation in the body and help detox the skin. Make a time in your schedule once a week if possible, to create a calm relaxing environment, fill the tub with the warm water to your liking and soak for at least 30 mins. I have created the perfect bath routine that will help you along the way.

Bath Ingredients

4 cups of magnesium flakes

2 drops of your favourite essential oil (I love DoTERRA)

1 cup of Bi-Carb Soda

1 Tbsp bentonite clay

Once the bath is filled enter all the listed ingredients and be sure to add you essential oil to the magnesium flakes first, before adding to the bath. I love to use a good quality body brush first, starting with the feet work your way up to your neck ensuring you brush towards the heart and lastly brush your abdomen in a circular clockwise motion. Play your favourite relaxing/meditation music, jump in the water and let your worries soak away. If you would like to add to your bath time routine I love to burn a natural soy candle and add a few crystals in the room to aid the relaxation ritual. Enjoy!

Lighten up your Life

Citrine is a yellow coloured stone that brings clarity, optimism and an energetic approach to love and life. It can assist in activating our solar plexus to awaken impulses of desire and bring peace. This amazing crystal is often called the “Merchant’s stone” as it promotes the ability to manifest ideas and dreams, while attracting wealth, prosperity and financial speculation.

It is the Zodiac crystal for Gemini and if carried in your purse, wallet or bag, it will attract money and stop excess spending. Place this crystal in direct sunlight and gaze into the crystal for a few minutes. Watch how the colours change as the sun brings it to life and allow it to communicate ideas to you. Allow yourself to open your mind to it’s powers and feel the uplifting energy it brings into your life.