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    14 crossings, The off-road adventure through the Condamine River

    If your family is like ours and takes any opportunity to adventure off-road in your 4WD, then you will have an awesome time driving through 14 crossings. The picturesque landscape through the Main Range National Park, in Queensland’s Southern Downs region is truly breath taking and the fresh air will replenish your soul and clear the lungs. As the name suggests, the track boasts 14 water crossings as the Condamine River zig zags back and forth across the track, which can only be accessed by a 4-wheel drive.  You don’t have to be an experienced 4-wheel driver for this one, it is a fairly easy track that can be tackled…

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    The Full Moon in Taurus – Buckle up, it packs a punch!

    As we are headed towards the full moon in Taurus on Friday 19th November, we will need to brace ourselves for some massive transformations. We leave the water sign Scorpio and move into the earth sign Taurus and coupled with the lunar eclipse you can just imagine the heightened energy this moon will be radiating. It will bring with it big changes in love, money and self-worth. This moon will bring opportunity to start a new chapter in our lives and ground it with the positive energy needed to guide us through our intentions. We need to close the finished chapters of our lives and allow the new beginnings to…

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    Hamilton Island, The Romantic Island Getaway – with the kids

    And we’re off! The plane has finally left the tarmac and the kids have settled into an hours flight on their Ipads, while I wait for my first drink of the holiday. Our long awaited destination is Hamilton Island, in the pristine Whitsunday Islands off the coast of Queensland. This will be our family’s 2nd visit to the Island, but definitely not our last. I am longing for the sparkling blue waters and the beautiful sandy beaches, gazing up at the palm trees with not a care in the world. Days spent lazing by the pool, cocktail in hand, as the kids play in the pool and practice their snorkeling…

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    Love Forever

    Our souls have connected, Becoming one to fulfill our purpose, Through the light of the universe, I am eternally grateful to share my love, Forever endearing, Finding our truth, Your courage and compassion guiding our journey, Our endless love, Now, and for many lifetimes to come, You are my one, Forever you I will love.

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    What is it that you truly want to do with your life here on this Earth? Help others, heal, create, write, explore? Really connect with the truth inside you and find the passion that drives you and delivers the happiness you strive for. Realise that the opportunities you seek are there, you just need to ask for help from the universe. When you seek the guidance that is needed to drive your desires you will make the connection that is deeply routed in your divine mission. Unblock your pathways to discovery and embrace the beauty of your life and your talents. Be free with your soul and allow your spiritual…

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    Change the lens

    I decided to change the lens on my camera, only to discover a whole new world of possibilities! And to be honest, I absolutely love it. I realised how much I love taking shots from a close up perspective and it was surprisingly really easy. I drafted a whole new chapter of my life in my mind that I never knew would even exist and I find it exhilarating. It makes me feel alive and creative and gives me a completely different view on life, relationships, feelings and the process. I am blessed to have discovered this new view and I plan to utilise my opportunities in my daily life…

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    Arrrrg Home Schooling

    I always thought that I would love to home school my beautiful children, but the truth is it really sucks. I currently have no formal training as a teacher but would like to convince myself that with enough persuasion I would be giving out endless praises and good work stamps after every completed task. I could casually bring out craft time and allow my kids to express their true creative passions and they would thank me for how exciting their day had been. This is not the situation I currently face, and I sometimes feel helpless when I am gripped with frustration and finally give in to alcohol (oh the…

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    So…I’ve unplugged from the matrix and “wow” how everything looks so different! Everything is clear, bright and beautiful with the sun beams warm on my skin and I am happy to just be. I don’t need to make sense of anything or list all the things in my mind that need to be crossed off. I can just breathe and take in the day. I’m actually missing not having my children in tow right now (distance makes the heart grown fonder)and I’m cherishing our little memories we make everyday. I can notice every single person around me, as I take a snapshot of their lives while gliding aimlessly through the…

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    A little about me

    I love to write! Since I was a little girl I have loved to express myself with writing. It helps me release the words and phrases spinning around in my head. Poetry and storytelling is my forte, but I have supressed my urge for such a long time now that I started to think I wasn’t good enough and was afraid of everyone’s opinions and ridicule. But for the last few months I have been working on me and so I hope you enjoy what I have to give through a few simple words. I am also a mother of two beautiful children, a wife to my soulmate, a book…