5 Essential Oils to fight the winter lurgy

So, what is all the hype about? Why is everyone inhaling peppermint and rubbing Oregano on their feet? Essential oils contain natural compounds that are extracted from medicinal plants that assist in boosting our body’s immunity. In an event that I happen to succumb to the dreaded winter lurgy, my preffered option is to fight READ MORE

Christmas – it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Oh Christmas – the time of the year when we spend weeks decorating everything in site with tinsel and baubles, visit numerous shopping centres swamped with people and slave away in the kitchen baking and prepping. How joyous and exciting this all sounds, I’m feeling the Christmas magic flowing through my veins. If you are READ MORE

Love Forever

Our souls have connected, Becoming one to fulfill our purpose, Through the light of the universe, I am eternally grateful to share my love, Forever endearing, Finding our truth, Your courage and compassion guiding our journey, Our endless love, Now, and for many lifetimes to come, You are my one, Forever you I will love.


What is it that you truly want to do with your life here on this Earth? Help others, heal, create, write, explore? Really connect with the truth inside you and find the passion that drives you and delivers the happiness you strive for. Realise that the opportunities you seek are there, you just need to READ MORE

Arrrrg Home Schooling

I always thought that I would love to home school my beautiful children, but the truth is it really sucks. I currently have no formal training as a teacher but would like to convince myself that with enough persuasion I would be giving out endless praises and good work stamps after every completed task. I READ MORE