Spring Angel Reading

Today’s angel card is to communicate clearly and it associates with black onyx. It requires you to have very precise and careful communication. Be sure not to assume that others involved in your life clearly understand what you want or need from them. Ensure that today you make your communication method very clear and thorough. This card can indicate that there has been a miscommunication that is creating a challenge for the parties involved. By clearing this up you can heal the situation for everyone involved and begin to move forward.

Black Onyx – The stone of self mastery. This crystal brings stability and wise decision making to anyone wearing or holding it. It’s said that the onyx contains the memories of all that happens to you while you wear it and is a secret container for your life story. It enhances stamina and protects from negativity.

Today’s Angel card reading

The angel card for today’s reading is Romance. If you are currently in a relationship, you can expect the parties to grow closer to each other. Otherwise it could mean that a very important relationship is about to enter your life. This card indicates an upward movement to a new level of dedication, which may include engagement, marriage or a form of re commitment.

Black Tourmaline – This crystal provides protection, grounding and rational thinking. It enhances the root Chakra and brings with it personal power, while having the ability to absorb anything you need to release. It has the power to purify your mind body and spirit.

Today’s Angel card reading

Today’s angel card reading is trust. Sometimes there isn’t a yes or no answer to your question and the situation is better served by not knowing what is to come. Like children opening a gift, part of the magic of our lives is the joy in the surprise. Letting the miracle unfold and trusting what the angels have in store for you, even if they can’t tell your yet.

Tiger’s Iron – Stimulates the base, sacral and solar plexus. This crystal grounds and protects while aligning the body with the physical and providing energy. It brings strength, confidence and courage to allow you to take control of your reality. It illuminates creativity, brings inspiration and allows manifestations to flow easily.

Today’s Angel card reading

Today’s reading has been requested by Kellie Leigh, and the card I have drawn for her is Success. Congratulations! You are on the road to success. You needn’t have any reservations about the situation, as it’s going to work out beautifully. Part of living a successful life is taking care of yourself, so make sure you don’t wear yourself down y working too hard. take time to enjoy peace in your life.

Kyanite – Getting in touch with our higher self. This crystal opens up the mind centres and reached into the depths of our higher or spiritual selves. It is excellent for meditation and can enhance telepathic and psychic abilities and provides a link for transmitting and receiving healing energy. When you wear or carry this crystal a sense of external fate becomes a mere illusion and you begin to realise that you create your own destiny.

Today’s Angel card reading

Today’s Angel card reading is Abundance.

Great abundance will find its way into your life! it is not always financial in nature and can manifest as a new group of friends, romantic love or vibrant health. Open your arms to heaven and receive the gratitude you desire.

Malachite – Associated with the solar plexus, this crystal can give you an insight into the nature of fear, anxieties and guilt. It can give you the courage, strength, patience and endurance you seek.

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