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    Howl at the Full Moon

    Feel the lunar energy buzz from the first full moon of this year on January 18th, as it brings us the “Wolf Moon” to start our 2022. The wolf moon invites us to step up as a fierce protector in our own lives, promoting protection, security and empowerment. This moon is given its name as the first full moon of the year, which takes place in the month of January, after the howling of the wolves increases during the northern hemisphere’s winter months. It brings a solid foundation to the start of a fresh new year and falling in the maternal sign of Cancer it will focus our energy towards…

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    Christmas – it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

    Oh Christmas – the time of the year when we spend weeks decorating everything in site with tinsel and baubles, visit numerous shopping centres swamped with people and slave away in the kitchen baking and prepping. How joyous and exciting this all sounds, I’m feeling the Christmas magic flowing through my veins. If you are reading this and guess I am sounding slightly sarcastic, you would be correct. Although the Christmas magic is thoroughly enjoyed by every child that still believes, I mostly find this time of year stressful, expensive and exhausting. As a self confessed control freak, I continue to always go to the extreme at Christmas time and…

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    New Moon In Sagittarius – Welcome the change.

    The new moon in Sagittarius on December 4 is the last solar eclipse for this year and the Sagittarius-Gemini eclipse cycle. This moon will bring with it a lot of surprises and will carry on the theme of new beginnings from the last full moon eclipse. The energy from this eclipse will be heightened and we won’t see another cycle like this until 2029. The Gemini aspect will have us evaluate aspects of our lives that involve communication, travel, mental processing and the conscious mind. While the Sagittarius aspect focuses on higher education, tourism and our belief system. You may find yourself questioning what your purpose is and making the…

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    14 crossings, The off-road adventure through the Condamine River

    If your family is like ours and takes any opportunity to adventure off-road in your 4WD, then you will have an awesome time driving through 14 crossings. The picturesque landscape through the Main Range National Park, in Queensland’s Southern Downs region is truly breath taking and the fresh air will replenish your soul and clear the lungs. As the name suggests, the track boasts 14 water crossings as the Condamine River zig zags back and forth across the track, which can only be accessed by a 4-wheel drive.  You don’t have to be an experienced 4-wheel driver for this one, it is a fairly easy track that can be tackled…

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    The Full Moon in Taurus – Buckle up, it packs a punch!

    As we are headed towards the full moon in Taurus on Friday 19th November, we will need to brace ourselves for some massive transformations. We leave the water sign Scorpio and move into the earth sign Taurus and coupled with the lunar eclipse you can just imagine the heightened energy this moon will be radiating. It will bring with it big changes in love, money and self-worth. This moon will bring opportunity to start a new chapter in our lives and ground it with the positive energy needed to guide us through our intentions. We need to close the finished chapters of our lives and allow the new beginnings to…

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    The New Moon in Scorpio – what it means for you.

    Friday 5th November 2021 heralds the new moon in Scorpio and with it will come transformation and empowerment during this eclipse season. The new moon will enable us to set our intentions towards the way in which we connect with others. We can allow this time to show others our intimacy, empowerment, and trust. This moon will usher in new beginnings, making us ready to emerge from the old and set new intentions under the Scorpio energy of transformation. We will need to look deep into our fears and really find what we want to change within ourselves. We can tap into our intense emotions, as we leave behind what…

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    Hamilton Island, The Romantic Island Getaway – with the kids

    And we’re off! The plane has finally left the tarmac and the kids have settled into an hours flight on their Ipads, while I wait for my first drink of the holiday. Our long awaited destination is Hamilton Island, in the pristine Whitsunday Islands off the coast of Queensland. This will be our family’s 2nd visit to the Island, but definitely not our last. I am longing for the sparkling blue waters and the beautiful sandy beaches, gazing up at the palm trees with not a care in the world. Days spent lazing by the pool, cocktail in hand, as the kids play in the pool and practice their snorkeling…

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    Spring Angel Reading

    Today’s angel card is to communicate clearly and it associates with black onyx. It requires you to have very precise and careful communication. Be sure not to assume that others involved in your life clearly understand what you want or need from them. Ensure that today you make your communication method very clear and thorough. This card can indicate that there has been a miscommunication that is creating a challenge for the parties involved. By clearing this up you can heal the situation for everyone involved and begin to move forward. Black Onyx – The stone of self mastery. This crystal brings stability and wise decision making to anyone wearing…

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    Love Forever

    Our souls have connected, Becoming one to fulfill our purpose, Through the light of the universe, I am eternally grateful to share my love, Forever endearing, Finding our truth, Your courage and compassion guiding our journey, Our endless love, Now, and for many lifetimes to come, You are my one, Forever you I will love.

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    Detox Bath

    If you are anything like me you love a good soak in the tub. The healing benefits of a bath are truly rewarding and your body will be thanking you for the ritual. As well as aiding your mental clarity, a bath will help to ease muscle aches and pains, decrease inflammation in the body and help detox the skin. Make a time in your schedule once a week if possible, to create a calm relaxing environment, fill the tub with the warm water to your liking and soak for at least 30 mins. I have created the perfect bath routine that will help you along the way. Bath Ingredients…