5 Essential Oils to fight the winter lurgy

So, what is all the hype about? Why is everyone inhaling peppermint and rubbing Oregano on their feet? Essential oils contain natural compounds that are extracted from medicinal plants that assist in boosting our body’s immunity.

In an event that I happen to succumb to the dreaded winter lurgy, my preffered option is to fight it off using a natural remedy.  Last season’s super cold felt like my final goodbye. My body ached, my head pounded, and I must have used five boxes of Kleenex to mop my litres of snot.

How do you regain your health when you are struck down with such force? Who will take the kids to school? Feed the dog? Buy the groceries? 

Without delay I delve deep into my stash of essential oils, which I have proudly built into an Aromatherapist’s playground, and pull out my trusty oil. 

Many a morning have been spent sipping coffee, whilst absorbing the details of recipes for roller blends and diffuser mixes. Gladly knowing that when that virus did take hold of my body, I had all the weapons needed to fight it off.

I have justified spending a small sum of money on these precious bottles of oil, and with it I have started my journey into the world of essential oils.

History reveals that Ancient Egyptians have been extracting essential oils from aromatic plants from as early as 4500BC. This left me thinking, if the Egyptians used oils for medicinal purposes, could it be said the evidence is etched in stone?

The benefits will depend on how the oils are applied. Studies have shown that essential oils possess a range of biological properties to treat viruses and infection, as well as remarkable anti-inflammatory properties.

If you are suffering sinus congestion, you can rub some peppermint on the bridge of your nose or diffuse during the night to clear your airways. If using the oil topically, be sure to always dilute with a carrier oil such a coconut oil, before applying to your skin.

Top 5 oils to fight the flu

Gargle a few drops with water to ease the symptoms of a sore throat.
(CAUTION: Oregano is a very potent hot oil and should be heavily diluted for use on the skin).

Apply over throat and chest or diffuse to ease respiratory symptoms. Also, a great mood booster.

Inhale or diffuse for respiratory support. Apply to bridge of the nose to clear sinus congestion. The oil has a cooling effect on the body and is a great energiser.

Tea Tree
Apply to bottoms of feet. Inhale from bottle or diffuse. This oil comprises of anti-microbial and anti-viral properties.  


Apply over throat and chest for respiratory support or diffuse. Promotes normal body temperature by applying to feet and ankles when experiencing fever.

Whether using essential oils topically, aromatically or to flavour your favourite smoothie, they can provide you with a natural alternative for your health and wellness.

Remember that getting adequate rest, maintaining a healthy diet, and taking care of your body are also essential to your recovery.

Click here to download the Essential Oil recipe card

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