New Moon In Taurus – Welcome Universal change.

The new moon in Taurus is the first eclipse of this year and will be present on the 1st May 2022 (6.30am AEST), bringing a kaleidoscope of changes. It will start a fresh chapter in our book of life, bringing the elements of beauty, stability and growth. 

The eclipse season gives us the opportunity to understand how to build on new developments, while questioning the attributes in our lives that are truly enriching. We can use this time to release what no longer serves us and plant new roots that will nurture our flower to bloom. If you can ride the wave of change during this time, you will come out the other side embracing the new you.

We will have an overwhelming feeling to let go of thoughts and situations that no longer serve us and uncover newfound growth from this powerful moon. Now is the perfect time to set new intentions that truly align with our values, while we sit back and watch them gradually manifest before our very eyes.

This is a valuable time to honour our purpose and ask ourselves what is really important in our lives. Reflect on your needs and decide if they are being communicated effectively. You may find yourself asking questions such as; “Does this align with my true purpose?”

The New Moon in Taurus will bring the opportunity to welcome

change and identify our true purpose .

With this moon occurring in the north node, the changes we experience will feel positive and easily adaptable. We will see clarity within these changes and find the tools required to assist us in our personal growth. Whether this be in love, career or family, the initial feeling of chaos that is experienced will smooth out into a picturesque sunset of our inner selves.

As described by the effect of this Taurus eclipse will stick around for the next 6 months and will focus on strengthening our sense of security. We may feel the need to concentrate on what we action to not only increase our financial worth, but also find the meaning in our self-worth.

We can use this new moon as an opportunity to set new intentions and discover what elements in our lives bring harmony and fulfilment that align with our purpose.

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