Weekly card reading 21st April

I felt like today was a good time to start giving readers the opportunity to receive some much needed advise from “the source”.

If you are feeling like I am currently, then you may be a little stuck in the moment and not progressing towards the goals and intentions that you have set earlier in the year. You can use these opportunities to ask your Angels a question to guide you through the week and I will reveal your answers at the end of the day.

Ultimately the start of the week would work best, but when you are wearing many hats, as I am, time is of the essence. May today bring you many blessings – select your card number and leave me a reply.

Choose from card 1, 2 or 3 and receive your Angel answer for this week.

Leave me a reply for your selection and the cards will be revealed at 5pm today, stay tuned ……

1. Rhodonite Crystal- clear out unwanted energies and calm the heart chakra.

Card – it’s up to you. The end result in this situation is entirely in your hands. Take a proactive approach to solve any challenges and stand in your own power with the confidence of knowing that you have what it takes to bring about a happy ending. This situation requires your unique perspective and experience in order to come to a successful conclusion.

2. Black tourmaline – This crystal will provide protection and absorb unwanted energies, as well as grounding you through the root chakra.

Card – Listen to your intuition. Your intuition is completely reliable at this time and your own inner guidance will provide the truth. the messages you are receiving are trustworthy and real, so have faith in your feelings during these circumstances. Your insights into other peoples motives or feelings are accurate.

3. Malachite – A healing stone associated with the heart Chakra. This stone provides the ability to be true to ourselves in relation to the world and stay in balance.

Card – Forgiveness. Forgiveness can work miracles when you release the past. It can lift a weight off your should and a sense of freedom washes over you. Ask your angels to help let go of sadness or pain cause by others so that you can be free! This card also refers to the need for self- forgiveness and it may be time to let go of any guilt you may be holding from the past. Be kind to yourself and give yourself the credit your deserve for trying your best. Focus on the changes you have made since then that has made you a better person.


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