Howl at the Full Moon

Feel the lunar energy buzz from the first full moon of this year on January 18th, as it brings us the “Wolf Moon” to start our 2022.

The wolf moon invites us to step up as a fierce protector in our own lives, promoting protection, security and empowerment. This moon is given its name as the first full moon of the year, which takes place in the month of January, after the howling of the wolves increases during the northern hemisphere’s winter months. It brings a solid foundation to the start of a fresh new year and falling in the maternal sign of Cancer it will focus our energy towards matters of the home and family life, as well as our emotional well-being.

It may leave us feeling a little more sensitive than usual and cause us to focus our attention inwardly. We may present ourselves to others with more of a nurturing temperament. This moon’s energy will have a nourishing effect on our soul that forces us to heal old wounds and may even promote a creative breakthrough.

It can firmly implement our New Year intentions and will provide some clarity to reflect on the areas of our lives that will work for us and those that no longer serve us. Enable yourself to honour any feelings that may arise and ensure you make yourself top priority. Give yourself permission to retreat from the world and spend some time alone to reflect on the feelings that arise.

This will be a time to validate your deepest emotions and acknowledge your fears to truly heal the parts of yourself that may have been supressed. During the process don’t forget to honour and appreciate who you are and reflect on how amazing your unique life is on this planet.

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