The Full Moon in Taurus – Buckle up, it packs a punch!

As we are headed towards the full moon in Taurus on Friday 19th November, we will need to brace ourselves for some massive transformations. We leave the water sign Scorpio and move into the earth sign Taurus and coupled with the lunar eclipse you can just imagine the heightened energy this moon will be radiating.

It will bring with it big changes in love, money and self-worth. This moon will bring opportunity to start a new chapter in our lives and ground it with the positive energy needed to guide us through our intentions. We need to close the finished chapters of our lives and allow the new beginnings to take shape, no matter how big or scary they may seem.

This energy may be strong and overwhelming, but powerful changes are occurring during this time. Take advantage of this moon to put into action any new plans or personal developments that you have had brewing and propel your life into new changes.

This lunar eclipse is a time for awakening and will direct us onto new grounds to be stepped upon. This may often begins with loss, sometime small or large, but will make room for the re-creation of our lives in some way. Now is the time to plant your garden and enjoy your future riches. Be hopeful and optimistic during this transition, but most importantly remember to nourish your soul during this time. Ground yourself with nature and absorb the energy that this moon is delivering.

It’s your choice as to how you embrace these new changes in your life, so decide what you have to offer and put a value on what is truly important to you. So strap yourself in, because this Taurus moon energy could be one crazy ride!

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