The New Moon in Scorpio – what it means for you.

New moon

Friday 5th November 2021 heralds the new moon in Scorpio and with it will come transformation and empowerment during this eclipse season. The new moon will enable us to set our intentions towards the way in which we connect with others. We can allow this time to show others our intimacy, empowerment, and trust. This moon will usher in new beginnings, making us ready to emerge from the old and set new intentions under the Scorpio energy of transformation.

We will need to look deep into our fears and really find what we want to change within ourselves. We can tap into our intense emotions, as we leave behind what is familiar to us. During this time we can allow ourselves to move into something that involves a new higher good.

It may be the perfect time to try something new, connecting us with our higher self. Maybe try something like Yoga, daily mediation or a new ritual. Something that will connect us with our true selves and bring us into our spirit energy. The lunar energy will help us heighten our intuition and spiritual sense of connection.

New Moon Reading

New Moon reading
New moon in Scorpio – Card Reading

Amethyst – This crystal resonates with our higher chakras, being the third eye and crown, and emits an extremely high vibration. This crystal can promote life changes and shifts in consciousness. It is perfect for connecting with your intuition and spiritual awakening. It has a calming influence on the mind and will also promote peace, love, courage.

The reading shows that our immediate past has perceived us as being assertive and taking matters into our own hands. We must be clear on our personal feelings and pursue the fulfilment of our desires with courage and self-confidence. See your own needs first and set boundaries for those around you to create a safe and fair environment.

What we need to work on right now is asking for help from our angel guides. We do not need to tackle every situation on our own and the angels are asking for us to reach out to those around us and ask for assistance. By allowing others to give a helping hand, it will increase our chances of success, and our plans will begin to move forward. Surround yourself with loving friends and family, who are willing to help lighten your load and you will feel much better

The immediate future shows big, happy changes ahead. This is a shift in our mental and physical awareness, so we will no doubt have to be conscious of our intuition and spiritual connections. Positive changes will come into our lives, like a career change, a new relationship or moving home. We need to ensure we embrace these changes, as they may require a leap of faith that may seem frightening or beyond our ability. Trust that the opportunities that come to us are meant to bring us happiness and you can release all your fears and follow your heart.

I hope this reading brings great blessings and happiness to you and to others and please know that we create our own destiny. If you would like a private reading or have a specific question, please request a reading by clicking here

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