So…I’ve unplugged from the matrix and “wow” how everything looks so different! Everything is clear, bright and beautiful with the sun beams warm on my skin and I am happy to just be. I don’t need to make sense of anything or list all the things in my mind that need to be crossed off. I can just breathe and take in the day.

I’m actually missing not having my children in tow right now (distance makes the heart grown fonder)and I’m cherishing our little memories we make everyday. I can notice every single person around me, as I take a snapshot of their lives while gliding aimlessly through the shopping isles without a single urge to make a purchase.

Until today my life has been running by default, like a board game really. Start at Go, roll the dice and move to the next space remembering to follow all the rules of the game without questioning anything. I walked around today not conforming to the “mandatory mask” rule and felt sympathy for our society, everyone too scared to show their faces. I didn’t feel the fear of freedom anymore and was slightly liberated to be the one to break the rules. It is time for us to stop running the program and truly believe that life is for the freedom of living.

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