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The Beginners guide to Essential Oils

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New Moon In Taurus – Welcome Universal change.

The new moon in Taurus is the first eclipse of this year and will be present on the 1st May 2022 (6.30am AEST), bringing a kaleidoscope of changes. It will start a fresh chapter in our book of life, bringing the elements of beauty, stability and growth.  The eclipse season gives us the opportunity to understand READ MORE

Weekly card reading 21st April

I felt like today was a good time to start giving readers the opportunity to receive some much needed advise from “the source”. If you are feeling like I am currently, then you may be a little stuck in the moment and not progressing towards the goals and intentions that you have set earlier in READ MORE

Howl at the Full Moon

Feel the lunar energy buzz from the first full moon of this year on January 18th, as it brings us the “Wolf Moon” to start our 2022. The wolf moon invites us to step up as a fierce protector in our own lives, promoting protection, security and empowerment. This moon is given its name as READ MORE

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